Jean Chang

Jean Chang

Jean Chang

Specialise in: Health and Beauty
Areas where service: Roodepoort, Krugersdorp


I have a passion for helping people experience wellness in different areas of their lives…both physically and mentally. I am an accountant and joined Annique in 2017 because I was looking for an opportunity to earn extra income. From using the products and experiencing their benefits, I have become excited and driven to share them with other people.


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Did you know? 200ml Rooibos tea contains: Iron (0.07mg), Potassium (7.12mg), Zinc (0.04mg), Manganese (0.04mg), Copper (0.07mg), Calcium (1.09mg), Sodium (0.16mg), Magnesium (1.57mg), Fluoride (0.22mg)

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